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ORANGEVALE — It was an incredible show of support by firefighters and police Saturday for an Orangevale family who was struggling with cancer.

Last October, Lacey Anderson was diagnosed with breast cancer. After losing a father to the disease earlier this year, their 10-year-old son Mason Anderson decided to turn the negative into a positive by getting almost 100 people to brave shaving their heads.

“I thought that it didn’t need to be turned into a tragedy negative,” Mason said. “It could be fun and positive, and have everyone lose their hair.”

He challenged the Sacramento Fire Department to buzz off their hair, making a Facebook group, which took off.

“When I heard that it got all the way to Louisiana, I got completely blown away,” Mason said.

Firefighters, police, family, friends and neighbors lined up to get a cut.

“They’re shaving their head for me and for my family, and I can’t even put into words how that helps us,” Lacey Anderson said.

Mason’s father, Sacramento County Airport Fire Captain Timothy Anderson, lost his battle with the disease in April.

“I struggled with how to tell my kids, considering what they went through with losing their father,” Lacey Anderson said.

But Mason’s reaction and idea to make “Brave the Shave” a reality showed the strength his mother knows he learned from his father.

“I almost envy his ability to move forward with the perseverance and tenacity that he has,” Mason’s mother said.

“All of this, it wouldn’t be something if it wasn’t for one idea,” Mason said.

Saturday’s event used stylists and barber chairs donated from Sports Clips’ Orangevale location.