FLORIN, Calif. (KTXL) — Sacramento County unveiled more detailed plans for a “Safe Stay” community, an authorized encampment for people experiencing homelessness, at the corner of Power Inn and Florin roads earlier this week.

The plans have not yet been approved by county supervisors yet but people experiencing homelessness are showing up at the site looking for details.

“It’s really hard if you’ve had an eviction to find a place. That’s why I’m out here,” said an unhoused woman at the site of the proposed tiny homes project.

The development would offer 100 sleeping cabins and would offer security, social services, and meals, similar to temporary housing sites run by the city of Sacramento.

“The goal is to move people into stable housing, temporary housing, stabilize their situation, and find them more permanent housing,” said Sacramento County Supervisor Patrick Kennedy.

The county expects to put significant work into the project including bringing running water, sewage infrastructure, and electricity to the site. The county also said it expects to begin moving people in around late summer or early fall.

Cindy Russell, president of the Florin Historical Society, believes the onsite social services are a violation of the area zoning rules and is concerned the historical society was not consulted sooner.

“I mean they could have brought it to us, and maybe we could have come to a different resolution. Not 100. We already have a problem with 30 to 40. We don’t need 100 homeless people in our area,” Russell said.

The Director of the Power Inn Alliance Rachel Brown said the business community was not consulted early on but that she still approves of the project.

“It’ll help capture some of the unhoused that are in our district which have been affecting our businesses so I think this is really positive,” Brown said.

The Sacramento County Board of Supervisors is scheduled to vote on the proposal April 26.