19-year-old recounts the night the LNU Lightning Complex destroyed his family’s home

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(KTXL) — It’s been exactly a month since a neighbor recorded the tragic loss of several homes in Winters due to the LNU Complex fire. 

19-year-old Jack Bratset is now telling the story of his family’s loss on his favorite social media platform.

“You have no idea how scary it is to be in that situation with a fire,” Bratset said.

Bratset is a student at USC and he chose the school to help grow his YouTube channel. 

But distance learning meant he wasn’t on campus. He was home with his mom, warning her to get out. 

“My mom calls me her savior for that. I was there to let my mom know. If I wasn’t there who knows what would’ve happened,” Bratset told FOX40. “I could have lost my mom. I don’t know what to think of that.” 

Living with his family at his grandmother’s home in Placer County after the fire, Bratset says YouTube has been an emotional outlet. 

“Talking to a camera is therapy for me and making those Youtube videos is my passion,” Bratset said. “I love doing it.” 

Looking back, Bratset knows it could have been worse, no lives were lost. 

He now wants other to know tragedy can spark hope. 

“It’s tough. It’s really tough. I’m just happy to be alive with my family and things are only gonna get better,” Bratset said. 

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