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TRACY, Calif. (KTXL) — Two men rescued and revived a woman whose car had rolled over several times before being submerged upside down in an irrigation ditch last week, according to Tracy firefighters. 

Officials say that in the early morning hours as the sun was rising, Jorge Mendoza and Daniel Miranda witnessed the accident and both immediately stopped their cars to help. 

Officials say a woman was rescued and revived after her car was submerged. (Courtesy Tracy firefighters)

Working together, they rescued the woman from the submerged car but found she was unresponsive. One of the men had prior CPR training and revived the woman before fire crews arrived at the scene. 

Officials say she lived. 

It’s not everyday that two total strangers risk their own lives to save another total stranger. This act of courage is a shining light of how good people can be. @tracyfirefighters would like to recognize Jorge Mendoza and Daniel Miranda for their heroic live saving efforts. 

Tracy Fire Department