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SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — Two people were killed and four others were hurt in a shooting overnight in Old Sacramento, police said Saturday.

The Sacramento Police Department says officers responded to the scene near Front and L streets around 11:45 p.m. Friday night.

“I could just hear them. It was like whistles,” said Victoria Lizarraga, a witness. “If I wouldn’t have jumped over that wood thing, I think I would’ve got shot.”

Lizarraga says she was out enjoying herself in Old Sacramento Friday night when bullets suddenly flew by her ear, narrowly missing her.

“The girl that was standing next to me got shot,” Lizarraga said.

She says another girl near her was also hit, both shot in the legs.

Investigators said they believe some type of fight preceded the shooting, and several guns were found at the scene near Joe’s Crab Shack. Police later identified the suspects as 22-year-old Marcus Trull and 21-year-old Cedric Salcedo.

“It sounded like the shots kept going for a while,” Lizarraga said.

Two people, who police said were both men, were pronounced dead at the scene. Four other people were said to have non-life-threatening injuries.

“My dad told us not to come here because of the crime,” said Kathy Moore, a Seattle resident.

Kathy and Steve Moore were staying overnight at the nearby Delta King when the shooting happened. They say they realize these things happen anywhere.

“It still seems like a lovely town, and we’re enjoying ourselves,” Kathy Moore said.

Kevin and Kay Tanner of Pittsburg were also staying at the Delta King, to celebrate their 23rd anniversary.

“People just need to calm down and realize there’s no reason for it,” they said.

“I just feel so sorry for the people this happened to,” Kathy Moore said.

Officials said this was an isolated incident, and that the coroner’s office will release the identities of the victims after family is notified.

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