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CAMINO — Two 18-year-old’s were arrested Thursday on suspicion of causing the Latrobe Fire.

The vegetation fire near Rancho Murieta burned 1,268 acres over the course of several days starting July 26.

Jacob Place and Maxwell Goldsworthy from El Dorado Hills have been booked into the Sacramento County Jail, according to Cal Fire.

Brice Bennett with Cal Fire reports the two were “burning illegal materials” before the blaze started. No further information has been made available.

The news of the arrested teens has some of their peers cautious about using the land for fun.

While on Latrobe Road, within the boundaries of the Sacramento Valley Conservancy, FOX40 came across Daniel Gomez and Robert Defazio.

The two were doing what they call “Jeepen,” essentially off-roading but on an actual road.

“We use the hills and stuff we call it ‘Jeepen’…not much else to do,” Defazio said.

Their concern is that that action of others may prevent them from using the road for fun.

“It kind of does, it puts a bad name on all of us, not just them,” Gomez said.

The resulting damage from the Latrobe Fire and the Largo Fire, which burned near Latrobe and Michigan Bar roads, as well as flooding from earlier in the year has led to a loss of around $200,000 for the Sacramento Valley Conservancy in agricultural revenue. Ranchers are charged a fee to have their cattle graze on the conservancy’s grasslands. But 870 acres of profit-making pastures were decimated in the fires.

“Between floods destroying our walnut grove… and now far less grass for ranchers to have their cattle graze on, it’s a big loss,” said Kelly Hopkins with the Sacramento Valley Conservancy.