2-year-old West Sacramento boy dubbed ‘Tiny Hawk’ for his big skateboarding skills

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WEST SACRAMENTO (KTXL) — A young boy from West Sacramento, known as “Tiny Hawk,” is gaining huge amounts of popularity in the skateboarding world.

“It’s not every day you see a 2-year-old on a skateboard,” said Alexzandria Hopkins, 2-year-old Brody’s mother. “And a 2-year-old that’s pushing and going and going down huge ramps, trying to do bowls and doing such extreme things on his skateboard.”

Brody has already launched a career in skateboarding having recently landed a sponsorship with If Skate Co. based out of Los Angeles.

“Usually, sponsorship is something close by, local or something,” said Brody’s father, Shayne Dylangr. “But this was a company completely based out of LA who saw Brody via social media and reached out to us.”

As the youngest-sponsored extreme sports athlete in the world, Brody and his parents can usually be found at a skatepark in the Sacramento area just about every day.

“We just go on our little adventures every day,” Dylangr told FOX40. “We’re not really pushing him to do really anything more than he’s comfortable with, that’s another thing. He’s naturally going about gaining his skill on skateboarding, doing it just the straight-up, old fashioned way.”

Brody doesn’t even call what he does on four wheels skateboarding. Instead, he calls it “whoosh!”

“Because when I picked him up in my arms I used the sound effect as I pushed the skateboard, I said ‘whoosh!’” Dylangr explained. “‘Whoosh’ is something that we’ve established for the youth. It’s inspired, of course, by Brody. It’s kind of a word we’re trying to make a staple in the skateboarding culture.”

“We see a lot of kids that are starting younger and we think it’s incredible. I know a lot of parents, like ourselves, we were really nervous to begin with,” Hopkins said. “Like, this is a tiny, tiny toddler trying to do something so extreme. But, they’re capable of it.”

And “Tiny Hawk” is blazing a whole new trail for them all.

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As a father I AM SO PROUD to announce that my son BRODY ALEXZANDR AKA TINY HAWK (2 yr old Baby Skater) is the YOUNGEST LEGIT SPONSORED EXTREME SPORT ATHLETE IN THE WORLD 🌎. Brody is now honored to ride and make OFFICIAL his sponsorship with @ifskateco such an AMAZING team with a mission to do something DIFFERENT for skateboarding and their riders. We have been treated like FAMILY by FRENCHY founder and CEO of @ifskateco Mentored to by @thedirtweasel and being apart of this TEAM has been one of the greatest life experiences for Brody and myself. Thank you @ifskateco words really can’t describe what’s really goin on. But the world is sure going to see this. 🌎🌎🌎🌎🌎🌎🌎🌎🌎 Excuse my language here but for the sake of the SQUAD I have to say it “IFSKATECO GON F*%* IT UP” quote me on this “We are gunna change the game” this is seriously just the beginning YOU ALL HAVENT SEEN NOTHING YET. Whole TEAM IS HAVING FUN. Thank you 🙏🏻 @ifskateco enough said LETS WHOOSH!!! Congrats 🍾 to my son please show him some love in the comments!!! WE ARE SETTING WORLD RECORDS!!! 👶🏼🛹 *INDIVIDUALLY FORMED* #babyskatertakeover #worldrecord #skate #skateboard #whoosh #tinyhawk #skaterbaby #sk8 #skateordie #skateboardingisfun #ifskatecotakeover2020 #2yrold #babyskater #skateboards #skateboarder #checkmesb #skatecrunch #brody_alexzandr #doakickflip #thrasher #berrics #2yroldskater #explore #sk8ordie #skateclipsdaily #iloveskateboarding #explorepage #ifskateco #babyboy

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