TAHOE, Calif. (KXTL) — On Tuesday, divers jumped into the water one final time as “Clean up the Lake” wrapped up at Lake Tahoe and celebrated a lake-sized victory.

For the past year, divers have made Lake Tahoe their mission, suited up and ready to take the plunge.  

“I think we’ve gotten used to diving in 20-degree weather and the lowest was five-degree weather,” said Colin West.

They’ve found and collected trash lurking at the bottom of the lake, such as flashlights, tires and phones.

“We have found some pretty interesting items under the surface of Tahoe,” West said. “I mean the other day I was carrying a lamp post out with a lamp still on it or an old Nikon camera I might add to my collection.”

Tuesday’s final descent into the water was met with praise from the shore as they left the water one last time.

Thanks to their efforts more than 20,000 pounds of trash is now out of the water.

West, the founder of the project, says more than 400 items are still at the bottom and require heavy lifting.

“A lot of this litter that has ended up in Tahoe is simply from human beings being here over the last 50 to 100 years and having a significant impact on our lake,” said West.

Even after the yearlong cleanup effort, his work is far from over.

“I think this is  just the beginning for us and we are going to be here in Tahoe for the decades to come,” said West.