2nd Annual Fun Run Gives Shelter Dogs a Chance to Show Their True Personalities

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LODI — Shelter dogs were on the run and ride beside them, their two-legged friends from Tokay High School’s cross country team.

This event was the team’s second annual Fun Run with Lodi Animal Services.

Assistant coach Marta Deike said their goal is to get the dogs adopted.

“Shelter dogs have been abandoned or lost and they are the most grateful and the most trainable and we love them. they deserve homes,” Deike said.

The two and four-legged runners pounded their way from the shelter to Debenedetti Park, a little over a mile away.

Marina Fuller ran with Lucky, a dog that has been at the shelter for more than two months.

“They’re so different. Like in the cages they’re slow paced,” Fuller said. “They don’t want any human interaction and then outside they just want to have fun and want to kiss us and just give us all their love.”

Animal Services officer Kelli Styles, said the time out of the shelters is good for the pups.

“They are so happy outside, to be outdoors, out of the kennels,” Styles said. “They’re loving every minute of being pet right now and having everyone love on them.

She said the run is a showcase for the dogs.

“When they’re outside of the kennels they show who they really are. When they’re cooped up in the kennel they’re stressed out, they have anxieties some hide at the back of the kennels and we want to show families that these are actually dogs with great personalities,” Styles explained. “They just need to be taken out of the shelter to show that.”

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