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The Latest – Monday, March 14

5:19 p.m.

Fairfield police said Trine Martinez turned himself in to custody at the Fairfield Police Department lobby shortly before 3 p.m. Monday.

Martinez was accompanied by his attorney and did not provide a statement, according to police officials.

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FAIRFIELD, Calif. (KTXL) — One man is dead and two others are in the hospital following a shooting at a 7-Eleven in Fairfield.

Fairfield police said 25-year-old Trine Martinez is a suspect in the shooting.

Martinez is accused of opening fire early Sunday morning after police said three men stepped in when Martinez was attempting to steal items from the store.

Eileen Santos was in her apartment directly across the street from the convenience store when the gunshots woke her out of a sound sleep.

“It was 5:22. I looked at the time, I was sleeping. I heard gunshots,” Santos told FOX40.

Another resident reported hearing between 10 to 12 gunshots in rapid succession.

“My dog was barking really bad. She was like scared, shaking,” Santos recalled. “So, I went back to bed and I locked all my windows. And a few seconds later, I kept hearing a lady yell really bad in the street. Help, she was yelling help.” 

When officers arrived, the shooter was gone and one man was found fatally shot. 

The other two victims were taken to the hospital with life-threatening injuries.

The family of one of the victims told FOX40 that their loved one is on life support.

According to local officials, the shooter was trying to steal beer from the 7-Eleven when three other men tried to stop him.

“These were people that just wanted to stop the theft. And he went and got a gun and came back and shot all three of them,” explained Fairfield City Councilmember Catherine Moy.

Fairfield police have not released any suspect or vehicle information.

“There’s no further incidents tied to this. That it was a very unfortunate isolated incident that occurred,” said Fairfield Police Sgt. John Divine.

The shooting is Fairfield’s first homicide of the year.

“These were good Samaritans,” Moy told FOX40. “What I’ll tell people and I hate it to be this way because I usually intervene, don’t confront people when they’re stealing. It’s best to be a witness. Look at what they’re doing, and then talk to police.”

Moy said overall crime in Fairfield is down although violent crime is up.