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RIO VISTA, Calif. (KTXL) — Rio Vista Fire Department responded to the report of five adults and one child in the water near Three Mile Slough Bridge 1:22 p.m. Sunday.

According to Sergeant Grassmann from the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office, five adults were fishing on the riverbank and a child was swimming. The child began to struggle in the water and all five adults went in to save the child.

Grassman said that three of the five adults haven’t been found but the child has been rescued.

“Deputies searched the waterways with negative results. After exhausting all search efforts, deputies shifted their focus to a recovery,” said Grassmann.

Chris Morales told FOX40 he has been a friend of the three men who are missing for years. He identified them as Guistillo Rivas, Edwin Perez, and Danilo Guterrez and said they are from Oakland.

“All their family is from Guatemala,” Morales explained.

He said they’ve been coming to the the Brannan Island State Recreation Area for years.

“Every July 4th: camping, swimming, fishing, every year they have been coming right here.”

Paul Wissler, Public Safety Superintendent with California State Parks explained, “There were some windy conditions making it difficult to swim.”

“The water does look relatively inviting but the current is misleading, but unfortunately was the part that caused the incident today,” he said.

FOX40 was told that none of the three people missing wore life jackets.