CALIFORNIA (KTXL) — On Thursday, the California Department of Fish and Wildlife announced that after a wildlife officer received a tip about illegal rattlesnake breeding and selling at an upcoming reptile show they confronted the seller and seized 59 rattlesnakes.

According to CDFW, the social media post said that someone was selling Western diamondback rattlesnakes, which are native to California, and the selling of any wildlife could amount to wildlife trafficking.

The wildlife officer went to the exposition where the seller said they would be and began their investigation, according to CDFW.

CDFW said that seller had been breeding and selling “a large number” of native rattlesnakes for about a decade, that he was housing several non-native rattlesnakes that are restricted in California and that he was not properly permitted for the snakes.

Of the 59 rattlesnakes seized 40 were Western diamondbacks, 12 were speckled rattlesnakes and seven were non-native prairie rattlesnakes, according to CDFW.

The seized snakes could now be used for scientific study or venom extraction for antivenom, depending on what the courts decide, according to CDFW.