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SOUTH SACRAMENTO — A 70-year-old woman was allegedly attacked Monday night while waiting in the checkout line at her neighborhood grocery store in South Sacramento.

“There were so many people around and nobody even comes to help, you know,” said Latasha Lawrence. “It’s a touchy subject for me.”

The cuts on Lawrence’s face were still visible Tuesday.

“After the … about the fourth hit I blanked out,” she told FOX40.

She said it started when a pregnant woman behind her in the Food 4 Less checkout line wanted to cut in front of her. The woman, who looked to be in her 30s, was trying to join a man she was with.

“And I said, ‘You’re still going to have to wait your turn.’ And she said, ‘B****, I’ll slap the s*** out of you.’ And next thing I know, she was all on top of me,” Lawrence recalled.

Sacramento police told FOX40 they responded to the store after a call about the fight. Officers found Lawrence walking but shaken up.

The woman who allegedly assaulted her had already left the store.

Food 4 Less has security guards from a company called Allied Universal in their store. A representative with Allied told FOX40 over the phone they have a hands-off policy, meaning the guards are there as a deterrent. They’re not supposed to intervene in an incident like this one.

Eventually, Lawrence was taken to a local hospital.

“When I walked in she still had blood all over her face,” said her granddaughter, Jasmine Stead. “It was just, like, really hard for me to see that.”

Stead said she drove in from San Jose and went to see her grandmother in the hospital. Lawrence went through a CT scan and is expected to be OK.

However, she’s still concerned about her grandmother’s health. Lawrence is diabetic and reliant on her continuous positive airway pressure machine to sleep.

“I can actually pass away in my sleep if I don’t use this,” Lawrence said.

“If she took, you know, contact to the head of some sorts and she could’ve died,” Stead said.

Her family is now waiting on Food 4 Less to release the security footage to police in hopes the woman who allegedly assaulted Lawrence is caught. The Sacramento Police Department says at this point, that has not happened yet.