8 Injured after Crash Sends Car into Downtown Sacramento Restaurant

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SACRAMENTO — Broken glass and car parts littered the sidewalk outside the Bangkok @12 Thai Restaurant after a crash in downtown Sacramento.

“I’ve heard accidents like that before when they crash like that but this was major,” witness Jeffrey Nelson said.

Nelson works at a neighboring convenience store and was inside when he heard the sounds of a loud crash.

“It felt like a big mac truck had run into the building because I could feel the vibration from the building,” Nelson described.

Sacramento Fire Battalion Chief Glenn Powell said crews responded to the intersection of I and 12th streets for reports of a mass casualty incident.

“The crews over at station two which is just right behind here, less than half a block away heard a loud bang, when crews went to investigate they saw the two car accident,” Powell explained.

He said both cars crashed into the restaurant, leaving eight people with minor to moderate injuries.

“Since the two years I’ve been here, I can say about 20 accidents since I’ve been here,” Nelson said.

He said accidents at this intersection happen far too often.

Fire crews confirm this is the second time a car has run into this restaurant, forcing it to close down.

The business had only reopened five days prior.

“Structurally the business is fine but they will be out of service a few months while they do the remodeling,” Powell said.

While officials continue to investigate the cause, Nelson has a warning for drivers so something like this doesn’t happen anytime soon.

“Just slow down and just watch the traffic,” he said.

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