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STOCKTON, Calif. (KTXL) — An 8-year-old Stockton boy came face-to-face with a gunman and is now temporarily blind after he said the suspect shot at him. 

With his left eye now swollen, 8-year-old Jordan said he is emotionally wrecked after a bullet grazed his face on July Fourth.

“I’m feeling good but I’m still scared and, like, shocked,” Jordan told FOX40 Monday.

His mother, Adriana Reyes, said they had been visiting family on Gotham Drive. As the fireworks took over the night sky, she said the kids wanted a better look from the roof. 

She said what happened next was a nightmare she can’t help but relive.

“It was a horrific moment that I still keep replaying in my head,” Reyes said.

Jordan said he saw an armed man shoot the ground twice.

“Just a second later, looks at me, shoots at me hella quick,” Jordan recalled.

Chaos ensued and Jordan and the other kids on the roof scrambled for help. 

At the time, Jordan said he had no idea how badly he was injured.

“Freaking out, almost falling off the roof after me crawling,” he said.

“He kept asking me, ‘Mom, is this a dream? Am I dreaming? Am I gonna die?’” Reyes recalled.

Reyes said she was also in shock but she pushed her fear aside to be there for her son.

“I knew I had to stay calm because I wanted to keep him calm and keep him awake. So, I had to focus on him,” she explained.

By Monday, Jordan was out of the hospital and back home.

“Like, what helps me feel safe is being with my family,” he said.

The family has a GoFundMe set up to help Jordan and his family with any therapy costs from the shooting.

Anyone who has any information about the gunman is urged to contact the Stockton Police Department or leave an anonymous tip with Crime Stoppers.