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CITRUS HEIGHTS — Most 9-year-olds ride their bikes for either fun or to get to and from places, but one Citrus Heights fourth-grader has used her bike to bring her some national attention.

Annalyse Solano hasn’t lost track of all the BMX races she’s been in because she’s won so many of them.

“A lot of times she’ll give up going to birthday parties or field trips and stuff like that because she knows we have a race,” said her father, Rigoberto.

Annalyse is currently the number one BMX rider in the country for her age group — and she didn’t get there by accident.

Her father was a champion BMX rider himself and now shares his knowledge of the sport with his daughter.

“To me, it’s kind of living my dream through her in a way because I always joke with her that the only way I’m ever going to get to that place is through her,” he said. “So she better keep getting them so I can have some trophies in my collection too from her.”

Annalyse secured her ranking earlier this year at the USA nationals in Florida.

“First for the worlds qualifiers, first for the one day of national and first for the second day of national,” Annalyse said.

Next, she’ll head to Belgium in July to compete in the BMX World Championships as part of team U.S.A. It’s the second time in three years she will compete in the World Championships.

“Now that I am older, I think it will be easier for me,” she said.

There is another motivating factor for being at the World Championships. Annalyse hopes to go to the Olympics.

“Her goal, hopefully, is 2028. It will be the easiest for us. It will be here in the U.S. and she’ll be 18,” her father said.

Annalyse has attracted several sponsors already, including GoPro and Alpha Bicycle Company.