A One in a Million Chance: Identical Triplets Born without Fertility Treatments

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In what’s supposed to be at least a one in a million occurrence, identical triplets were born Nov. 22 to a couple from Quincy – without the help of fertility treatments.

Abby, Brindabella (Brin for short) and Laurel were born to happy parents Hannah and Tom Hepner.

“The end of the year is going to be big in our families I guess,” Tom said.

Hannah Hepner was taken via helicopter to Sutter Memorial Hospital a month before her daughters were born to receive treatment from a team of specialists. Sutter features a program that helps “mothers of multiples” cope with their pregnancies, the hospital said.

The baby’s names are all tied to family or special places in mom and dad’s lives.

“Brindabella is the mountain range where I grew up in Australia, where we were married,” Tom said.

The three new additions to the Hepner family will stay in the NICU for another week or so before they can go home.


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