‘A repeat’: Customers see empty shelves at some stores as curfew begins

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(KTXL) — Pictures of empty store aisles and picked-over shelves are once again floating around on social media. 

Some stores are limiting the number of high-demand products people can buy like toilet paper, paper towels, anti-bacterial wipes and hand sanitizer. 

Debra Bowen saw the sight first hand Saturday at the Target in Manteca.

“I could not believe that. There was nothing,” Bowen told FOX40. “There was no paper towels, no toilet paper. There are only a few boxes of Kleenex.” 

It’s a sight that is becoming familiar again at some stores across the Central Valley. 

“It taught, don’t people realize they didn’t need it last time. Why do you need it now? I mean it’s just a repeat of it,” Bowen said. 

Empty shelves were also found at the Modesto Target on McHenry Avenue a few days ago.

“Everybody needs to have these products, and I wish people, neighbors and stuff would just think about it. You’re hoarding it,” Bowen said. “Somebody’s going without it.” 

All of this comes just days after the governor announced a limited stay-at-home order. 

“People are panic buying because they are, they want some sense of control and one way to control things is to — you know — stock your house with as much stuff as possible,” said life coach Joey Garcia. “It’s a kind of compulsive behavior.”

Garcia says the fear and anxiety people are feeling about the pandemic is leading to some selfish behaviors. 

“All people do when they panic buy is cause everyone else the same amount of stress, if not more than they themselves are feeling,” Garcia said. 

Garcia recommends people stop and think about what they are doing and who it’s affecting.

“If you are going to overload, then be generous. Donate some of that to homeless shelters, to women’s shelters, to other places that really would benefit from your anxiety buying,” Garcia said. 

Bowen says people need to keep in mind the stores will stay open, so there’s no need to hoard supplies. 

“If people didn’t take everything. We would be fine. Everybody would have everything,” Bowen said.

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