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SACRAMENTO — Days after “Chunk” was found tied up to a metal pipe, alone and shivering on a rainy day in Sacramento, the man who helped rescue her has already found her a new home – his own.

Sacramento City Firefighter Mike Thawley says he and his crew noticed the three-month-old pit pup Sunday on a medical call.

The fire company took her back to the station, gave her a bath and then brought her to the Front Street Animal Shelter because of her non-contagious mange that effects her coat.

Thawley couldn’t get the pup off his mind, so he checked up on her the next day, then had a question for his family.

“After asking the wife and kids, we decided to foster her for a bit,” Thawley told FOX40.

The firefighter says he already has a couple of other dogs at home and wants to see how his newest pup with mix with the other, so at the moment, while under foster status, Chunk is still owned by the shelter, however, that may change if Thawley’s daughters have a say.

“She is going to be ours,” his daughters said in unison.

According to the shelter’s spokesperson Bobby Mann, the type of mange that Chunk has will be cleared up with medication.

“She’ll be looking like a regular dog really soon,” Mann said.