Abused Dog who was Once ‘Afraid of the World’ Now Looking for Forever Home

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SACRAMENTO — Staff at Front Street Animal Shelter in Sacramento say they are used to working with pets that have been through abuse.

But one German shepherd captured their hearts and now they’re working to give her a happy home.

“We changed her name, it means strength,” said Kyrana Michaelson with Wags and Wisdom.

Nindi, who is now nearly 1 and a half years old, was found chained up, emaciated and with a fractured leg at a South Sacramento home last January.

“When they found her they had been throwing M-80 firecrackers at her to prove their dominance and she had broken bones that had not been seen or taken care of,” Michaelson told FOX40.

Her owner, 43-year-old George Rodriguez, was arrested for cruelty to animals.

Battered and bruised, Nindi survived the worst. At the time, however, she still had a long road of recovery ahead.

“When she came in she was afraid of the world, quite literally, and they turned her in to a few foster homes,” Michaelson said. “It was a little bit of a challenge and while she was here she was so stressed out that she started to do self-mutilation.”

Michaelson says Nindi was once terrified by things like piles of leaves, dogs that were behind fences and people pushing strollers.

Gina Knepp with Front Street said after nine months of rehabilitation at the shelter Nindi is now ready for a new home.

“We invested in her,” Knepp said. “We hired Kyrana with Wags and Wisdom to work with her and she is an amazing dog ready for adoption.”

While she’s far away from her abusive past, it’s thanks to the staff that Nindi is back on her feet and ready for a loving family to take her in.

“This went to trial. We got a conviction, felony animal cruelty on her owner. We didn’t give up on her,” Knepp said.

If you would like to adopt Nindi you can email foster-rescue@cityofsacramento.org and include her identification number, 543822.


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