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SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) – On the eve of Mother’s Day, a mother finally gets to meet her daughter for the first time after giving her up nearly half a century ago.

The last time 79-year-old Van Graham held her daughter in her arms, was more than 48 years ago.

During the Vietnam War, Van gave birth to her daughter, My Le, who was half American.

“I gave my daughter away from me. But I hurt my heart, very much. But I have to. I no can leave her in Vietnam,” Graham told FOX40 Saturday. “They fight every day. I see everybody die. I’m thinking about my daughter because she American. Very hard to live in Vietnam that time. “

With a broken heart, Graham put her daughter up for adoption.

“I’m always hole in my heart. I hope my daughter live everywhere in America. She be good girl and she be good, her life,” Graham.

A photo shows Margi Bre as a little girl.

Bri went on to work for a non-profit in Florida, helping others in need but she never gave up on finding her birth family.

In 2018, her adoptive parents gave her 23andMe for a Christmas present.

The profile matched Bre with her half-sister, Amy Nguyen and identified Jon Nguyen’s brother as Margi’s half-brother.

“We both cry and cry,” Nguyen told FOX40. 

Graham was then told they had found her long-lost daughter and showed her a picture from Margi.

“When mom see my sister little picture, mom said that’s her. That make my heart heal everything,” Amy Nguyen said. 

“I knew I had a sister. My mom always tell about our older sister, left us when she was 20 months. But I never thought I would get to see her again in this life, at least. So, I’m a little nervous to see her today. We all very nervous, couldn’t sleep last night. But we’re all excited at the same time,” Jon Nguyen said. 

And on Saturday, the family was reunited for the first time.

“Forty-eight years, two countries, I poured my heart and soul into praying, to find my mom someday. An unanswered prayer, after unanswered prayer, today it finally came true. My prayer was finally answered,” Bre said.

Bre said it was especially difficult to find them because she never knew her real name or even her birthday. 

“Unless DNA didn’t come into play, there would have been no way to ever find my family,” Bre explained.

Bre and her mom said this will be the best Mother’s Day yet being able to celebrate it together.

“I think it’s important to believe in the impossible. Because like I said, I prayed for 48 years, every day that I would find her. And that prayer went 48 years unanswered and it happened,” Bre said.

“I’m feeling very happy. I lost my daughter for 48 years,” Graham said.

“I’m happy to be reunited. It’s a new beginning,” Bre said.