Advocates Pack El Dorado County Medical Pot Meeting

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The just released policy of the El Dorado County District Attorney's office says people who grow pot for their own, personal use can trust that they won't be prosecuted.

"If they have two pounds or less, and there's no evidence of sales, they won't be prosecuted in El Dorado County," Worth Dikeman, El Dorado County's assistant district attorney said.

But many of the hundreds who clogged the county's board room Tuesday don't trust that.

"That leaves us back in the dark ages, where its case-by-case basis, and you have to prove yourself," medical marijuana user Joyce Carter said.

The County Board is now considering the future of Ordinance 5000. It specifically gives people the right to grow pot, in limited amounts, indoors or outdoors in the county.

Amidst the grumbling crowd, Sheriff John D'Agostini and Supervisor Ron Briggs argued the law is encouraging illegal, large scale, commercial grows to set-up shop in El Dorado County.

"We've put a pot-friendly, open for business sign in front of El Dorado County," County Supervisor Ron Briggs said. "So we've had quite a bit, not quite a bit, an astounding amount of illegal grows in the county."

Marijuana users though made a plea to see the laws against illegal growing enforced, rather than the law that makes growing legal repealed.


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