STOCKTON, Calif. (KTXL) — An unprecedented leak of a Supreme Court draft opinion is spurring both anti-abortion and abortion-rights groups into action. 

Advocates on both sides said ultimately the decision won’t change the work they do.

“This is unprecedented. No draft has ever been released of such an opinion like this before it has been officially decided,” Cheri Greven said.

Cheri Greven with Planned parenthood said should Roe fall the consequences would be devastating and as many as 26 states could ban abortions entirely.

“We’re cautiously optimistic that indeed the nearly 50-year-old decision of Roe v. Wade will be overturned,” said Wynette Sills, with Californians for Life.

“For people in those states, they will have less rights than their mothers and their grandmothers,” Greven said. “Our first hope is that the backlash that the justices will hear, the rage and the despair that the justices will hear across the country will perhaps change some of their minds. Although we’re not holding our breaths for that.” 

Both Planned Parenthood and Californians for Life said regardless if the Supreme Court overturns the nearly 50-year-old landmark decision, their work won’t end.

“We hope that through these conversations that an increasing number of Californians and Americans throughout our country will realize the humanity of the child in the womb,” Sills said.

“The movement has been preparing, abortion providers have been preparing and will continue to provide the care that patients will need regardless of where they come from — no matter what,” Greven said.

It’s clear whatever the Supreme Court ends up deciding the debate on this issue will continue.