After Avoiding Collision, Sacramento Teen Says Woman Attacked Her

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SACRAMENTO — A Sacramento teen says she was the victim of a road rage attack because she stopped short to avoid a collision. “So my friend and I were trying to go just thrift shopping and it was after school, so we were just having fun,” said Claire Norton. Norton, 17, says she was driving in the rain Monday with her friend when the car in front of her suddenly stopped. “So, naturally, I hit my brakes,” she said. “You know, that’s how driving works.” But she says the woman behind her, driving a black SUV, got visibly upset and started to tailgate her. “I saw her car was just, like, swerving crazy, back and forth, and she was speeding. She would get, like, close to my car. I thought she was trying to hit my car,” Norton said. Before long, Norton said the woman did end up rear-ending her. “She deliberately hits my car and me and my friend both were shocked because we weren’t expecting that at all,” Norton said. Norton got out of her car but did not expect the woman to do what she did next. “She comes around and starts banging on my window, screaming at me,” she said. Norton got back in her car and locked the doors. While on the phone with 911, she says she stepped back out to try and get a photo of the other driver’s plates. “And so she grabbed my phone and threw it in the gutter. And then she grabbed me and started to hit me,” Norton said. Todd Schaefer and his son happened to be passing by when they stopped to avoid hitting the two women. “She had the younger girl by the hair and she had pulled her hair straight to the ground and was just pummeling her,” Schaefer said. After Schaefer and his son separated Norton and the other woman, he says he was stunned to see who else was in the woman’s SUV. “Two kids and I’d say they were probably around 5 or under,” Schaefer told FOX40. The woman who Norton says attacked her hasn’t yet been charged with a crime. Police would like to find the woman to get her side of what happened. “As a mother yourself, how would you feel if somebody was attacking the children that you had in the car with you?” Anna Goddard, Norton’s mother, told FOX40. Goddard says she’s horrified by what happened and hopes someone can help identify the woman. New video has surfaced of the incident. 


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