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MARYSVILLE, Calif. (KTXL) — A Marysville teenager was counting her lucky stars Thursday night after she passed out while driving and crashed into a lake.

Mary Robertson donated blood last Friday.

“It was also spring break and my teacher said it was something good to do,” the 19-year-old told FOX40.

She said afterward, she felt weak and nearly passed out.

At first, Robertson did what nurses at the blood bank told her and sat down for a while. She said she soon felt fine.

“They both were busy and I didn’t want to bother anyone. And I thought I was fine after sitting there for around 45 minutes, so I just left,” Robertson said.

She then got into her car and started to drive home. But while driving on a stretch of 14th Street, Robertson passed out.

“It felt like I just blinked, and then when I opened my eyes — ‘cause someone was yelling at me — when I opened my eyes and I was in the middle of the lake,” she recalled.

The 19-year-old’s car was in Ellis Lake and sinking fast.

From the shore, a nearby fisherman started yelling at her to roll down her window. Robertson’s mother, Lacie Robertson, said that probably saved her daughter’s life.

“Yelling, ‘Open your windows, swim out of your car!’” Lacie Robertson recalled. “And she opened her window and that was probably just before the electronic system stopped working.”

Yuba County Sheriff’s divers and a tow truck were able to get the car out of the lake a few days later.

Now, Mary Robertson said she’s just grateful she did not hit anyone or anything, and that she was able to get out alive.

“I’m just really glad that my window unrolled because if it didn’t, I’d probably be dead right now,” she said.

But she also wants her story to serve as a warning to others. While she believes giving blood is the right thing to do, she said she hopes others are more careful about driving afterward.

“Even if you think you feel well, just wait an extra 30 minutes,” Mary Robertson warned.

Mary Robertson and her mother have set up a GoFundMe page to help her pay for the damages done to her car.