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LODI — Xelpho Womack hasn’t been inside a bowling alley in more than 40 years since she was stationed with her husband in Puerto Rico.

“It was the only sport there and I really got involved in it and I really liked it. I don’t know why,” she said. “It was just the thrill of throwing the ball down there and I was able to bowl four 300 games.”

It’s actually been a while since she’s done a lot of things she used to do.

“I had cancer in 2008 and then again in 2011,” Womack said.

Womack has had cancer three times, battled cellulitis and lost her vision about four years ago.

“I was told that I would never walk again and that was the wrong thing to tell me because I was bound and determined,” she told FOX40. “You know what? I’m going to walk.”

And it just so happened her first steps in over a year were walking up to a bowling lane.

“I’m just so excited. It was so much fun just to release that ball,” she said. “And all of a sudden it’s like you’re back in 50 years ago. You know, what I used to do.”

Not only did Womack walk for the first time in over a year, she threw a bowling ball for the first time in decades.

Womack played alongside a group of blind bowlers on Tuesday, something she has been hoping to do for months.

The bee on the back of her bowling shirt holds significance for her.

“It’s just been a positive thing, you know? Bees are busy and they’re positive and they’re always working,” she said.

That bee matches two tattoos she’s gotten to represent two of her battles with cancer.

She says they serve as daily reminders to have a positive outlook.

“Be happy. Get busy, you know? Do what you can do and enjoy life because you might not have that much longer,” Womack said. “But who cares? Go do what you can do.”