Air quality officials: Heat wave weekend air unhealthy for sensitive groups

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SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — The Sacramento Metropolitan Air Quality Management District has issued a “Spare the Air” alert for Saturday and Sunday.

People are urged to cut back on driving and doctors suggest exercising in the early morning while the air isn’t as polluted.

“There’s a lot of people who are at risk: the elderly, the very young,” explained Sutter Health’s Dr. Arthur Jey.

The air quality index for the Sacramento area will be around 126 Saturday and 101 for Sunday, which means the air is unhealthy for sensitive groups.

Being indoors is the best option for those days, according to Jey.

“Sometimes you have to spend the whole day inside, making sure we’re in an area that is filtered, with good filtration system,” Jey said.

When temperatures are well over 100 degrees and air quality isn’t great, Jey said people who’ve had the coronavirus may also be at risk.

“We’re seeing some people who have lasting effects. We call them the long haulers … but people who aren’t could be having some issues. Just be aware,” Jey advised.

“Whether it’s a place in your house, make sure you have a filter. Make sure you have a place, like the mall or a friend’s house, that you can go to to stay cool and with good air quality, especially if you have bad lungs,” he continued.

Jey recommended people monitor their breathing, and if they’re having a hard time catching their breath, to go to the hospital.

Health officials also suggest postponing any errands, delay using gas-powered lawn equipment and taking public transportation to avoid being outdoors.

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