Alleged Squatter Staying in Fair Oaks House Files Restraining Order Against Homeowner

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FAIR OAKS — For homeowner Sandra Forbes, the battle against an alleged squatter has taken a troubling turn.

“She filed a restraining order, I have that right here, it’s signed by a judge,” said Forbes.

A restraining order, from a woman Forbes says has been living in her Fair Oaks house without her permission for the past two months.

“Apparently there’s a history behind her,” said Forbes

Forbes isn’t the first person to face the same problem.

“She’s just too good at it to not have done it before,” said Forbes.

FOX40 spoke to two other people who say they have been victims of this woman. Fair Oaks resident Susan Haltom is one of them. She says her nightmare began in 2012.

“We had no idea what we were up against,” said Haltom.

She says their landlord-tenant relationship began cordially, and more importantly, legally.

“She signed a lease, she presented herself very well,” said Haltom.

But that quickly changed.

Haltom says the woman lived in her Fair Oaks home and paid rent for four months and then abruptly stopped, citing various problems with the property like a rat infestation.

Haltom and her husband said this was not the case. Months passed and their tenant completely stopped paying rent. They pleaded with her to leave.

“We gave her ample time, and we said if you just leave, we won’t bother you, we won’t file a lawsuit against you,” said Haltom. “We gave her ample time and she never left.

A year and a half later, and after taking some legal action, the woman finally left — seemingly overnight.

In Forbes’ case, the woman claims she signed a lease as well, but Forbes says it’s fake, adding that she has never met the woman.

The woman reportedly produced a lease and SMUD documentation to the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department. Forbes says these are not legitimate documents.

The woman, who we are not identifying, issued the following statement:

“There is always more than one side to a story. I am not a criminal. I did not force the Forbes out of a house.”

Thursday evening FOX40 found a UHaul moving truck parked in front of the home. Neighbors say they saw the woman unloading more furniture into the house.

“It feels like the squatters have way more rights than the landlords,” said Haltom. “It’s unbelievable because it feels like the squatters have way more time on their hands. We are just working 9 to 5 trying to make a living.”

Forbes says law enforcement have their hands tied, unable to help, leaving her and her husband with little hope.

“I said to my husband, ‘I feel like I’m going to wake you up any minute and say I had the craziest dream… or nightmare,'” said Forbes.

The woman has declined to speak on camera and has declined to provide any documentation of her lease.

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