(FOX40.COM) — A person attacked three different people in the community of Ione Monday morning, including a PG&E worker, leaving one person dead and another two injured, according to law enforcement officials from Amador County and Ione.

The stabbings took place at three separate locations along Shakeley Lane in Ione, which is located almost 50 miles southeast of Sacramento, in Amador County.

Two of the victims, including the person who died, are residents of Ione, officials said. The third victim is an employee of PG&E.

The two victims who survived the attacks are in the hospital, and officials believe that a person they have in custody is the sole person responsible for the attacks, according to officials.

The attack that led to a death is being investigated as a homicide, Ione Police said.

Law enforcement officials said the victims are not known to each other and that it appears the attacks were random.