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A new study released Tuesday by Professor Diana Miglioretti at UC Davis suggests
that it is safe for post-menopausal women to get mammograms every other year instead of annually.

Previously, the American Cancer Society recommended women get yearly  mammograms, but the group announced Tuesday the standard has changed.

The American Cancer Society requested the study, which included more than 15,000 women.

Miglioretti’s findings indicate that post-menopausal women who were screened annually had a higher likelihood of getting called back in for a false alarm.

“That can cause additional radiation exposure, it also causes anxiety in women…” Miglioretti said.

Dr. Daniel Herron, director of women’s imaging at Mercy Radiology, Dignity Health, disagrees with the study’s findings.

Herron says, if you want to lower your risk for cancer as much as possible, get a mammogram once a year.

“If we catch it early, a patient can be cured with an incisional biopsy” Herron told
FOX40 Tuesday. “Bottom line, safe practice is getting a mammogram every year.”