SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — Around 22 acres of dry brush along the American River Parkway went up in flames Wednesday.

“It just came across the little field, the little valley,” said Ray, someone from the area. “There’s about 10-15 people all on this side, they’re in camps too.”

The fire came dangerously close to those living in a homeless encampment.

“I’m wondering if my friend Jordan is alright. He was camped right through there,” said Ray.

Firefighters say fires starting in homeless camps have been a problem in recent weeks.

“Today’s fire is very indicative and similar to what we’ve seen in the last 36 hours. We’ve responded to numerous fires that began in the origin of homeless camps. And with the high temperatures and very low humidity, and the winds we’ve experienced within the last couple of days, these fires have grew and spread very fast,” explained Christ Vestal, the Sacramento Metro Fire Battalion Chief.

Sister Rose of Creekside Christian Church brought water out Wednesday to those affected by the fires.

“I consider these people my family, my friends. And so they just lost everything. Starting over is completely hard when you’ve got nothing,” said Rose.

“It’s not just a danger to those of us who use these parks for recreation. But also other homeless people who often times do get injured, get burned while they’re trying to escape these very fast moving, hot fires,” said Vestal.

The Board of Supervisors are looking for solutions to put a stop to the problems, with an ordinance that would allow law enforcement to clear homeless encampments, including those in the American Parkway.