Animal Control Investigating after 6 Pitbull Puppies Found Dead in Garbage Bin

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SACRAMENTO — Six dead pitbull puppies were found wrapped in plastic bags inside a bin that was left in a South Sacramento neighborhood.

Neighborhood surveillance cameras indicate that the garbage bin was abandoned in front of a home along Wacker Way, near Meadowview Road and Freeport Boulevard, sometime between 5 and 8 p.m. on Aug. 1.

“I just looked out to see why that can was there and opened it up, and it just … the dogs’ face just almost like staring at you. It was terrible. I couldn’t believe what I saw,” Rodney Austin, who found the dogs, told FOX40.

Sacramento Animal Control officers are not sure what happened to the puppies but they hope the public can come forward with information.

“Is it likely that six puppies died at the exact same time or very close to each other? Not really. They were probably sick but until we get more information, it’s really hard for us to know,” said Chief Animal Control Officer Jase Huggins.

Jimmy Valdez and his own pitbull, Max, live across the street from Austin. He says he remembers the day the bin was found and feels the weather that day did not help the conditions of the dogs.

“I don’t know what condition those dogs were in or what happened but it was 104 that day,” he said. “I was thinking maybe they got overheated. All of them overheated, possibly.”

Whatever the case may be, Officer Huggins says the puppies should not have been discarded in that manner.

“They didn’t want it in front of their house,” Austin said. “They wanted to put it off on somebody else.”

Valdez says pitbulls get a bad rap, that it’s the owners who influence a dog’s demeanor. He said whoever had those puppies, could’ve simply left them at a shelter if they weren’t wanted.

“A lot of people think pitbulls are mean dogs but they’re not,” he said. “They think that dog is a killer dog but he’s really a nice dog. He’ll lick you to death.”


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