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WOODLAND, Calif. (KTXL) – A man is behind bars Wednesday after police say he threatened to commit a mass shooting at the Woodland Muslim Mosque and Islamic Center earlier this week.

“They were receiving messages over Facebook threatening a mass shooting at their location and that everybody inside was going to die,” explained Sgt. Victoria Danzl with the Woodland Police Department.

Woodland police say it started on Monday morning around 11:30 when they got the call from the Muslim Mosque and Islamic Center. Police say those threats came from Abdul Khalid.

“They were very concerned about the threats and they believed them to be true,” Danzl told FOX40.

Police say the 23-year-old claimed he had a firearm and ammunition to carry out his attack, but once police got to his home, no weapons were taken into evidence, Danzl said.

Khalid was arrested later that evening.

“It created anxiety and fear amongst their community,” Danzl said.

People living nearby say they were also concerned for their safety.

“It’s pretty scary that he was going to come and do a mass shooting around here,” said Angel Magallon, who lives right across the street from the mosque. “Really kept us all inside. I have three kids so I’m more scared for them since they do run around on the front yard.”

Magallon has lived in the neighborhood for about a year and a half and said it’s been a relatively safe area.

“They always have their gatherings and everything seems fine. And there’s never been anything like that and we’ve never seen any people around here other than the normal people that pass by,” he said.

And while he’s thankful nothing actually happened here, Magallon does have a message for the suspect.

“Make better choices. If there’s a reason to hating somebody that bad, he needs to come to his senses,” Magallon said.

Woodland police told FOX40 the suspect is still in custody and they do not believe there is an active threat to the community.