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The Latest – Monday, Oct. 25

3:30 p.m.

Portions of West Wise Road near Lincoln, which runs near Coon Creek, have been blocked off by floodwaters.

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SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — Creeks in Placer and Sacramento counties are swelling up as rain continues to fall Sunday. 

The National Weather Service Sacramento said gauges show some creek banks are full, while some are overflowing. Those creeks are, but not limited to, Arcade, Cripple, Dry, Linda and Cirby creeks. 

Weather officials expect water levels to continue to rise into the evening. 

In Sacramento, flooding on Winding Way on Sunday wasn’t an if but a when. The rain near American River College was relentless all day. With each passing minute, Arcade Creek swelled up. 

Carolyn Ellingson has seen flooding there many times but not like Sunday. 

“So, we grew up out here and we have seen it flood frequently maybe not in the dryer years … I don’t know if I have seen it fill up this quick,” Ellingson said. 

Before Winding Way was underwater, it was shut down to traffic, but the barriers were not respected. Some cars tried to make it through but stalled. 

“That was also something we enjoyed as kids was watching Jeeps try to drive through here,” Ellingson said. 

Sacramento County Water officials warned the creek has reached its flood monitoring stage. 

The National Weather Service extended the Flood Advisory until noon Monday, as heavy rainfall is expected to continue.