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ARDEN-ARCADE — The Arden-Arcade area and its economy are booming with new stores, new restaurants and a fresh look.

“We need a lot more things in this area; it’s cool we have a lot more people,” said Camryn Glasgow.

Something else that’s cool? Glasgow just got hired at the newest addition to Arden-Arcade. Sacramento’s first Cracker Barrel.

“I got a Job as a SA which is a server’s assistant and I’m very excited,” said Glasgow.

New businesses mean a lot of job opportunities. Cracker Barrel has 200 positions open; with one month until opening day, they still have 100 spots to fill.

“We also have a gift shop that creates additional jobs that most places don’t have,” General Manager, Ronnie Loy stated.

Sacramento County spokesperson Kim Nava says an uptick in interest by owners and investors in Arden-Arcade is why we’re seeing changes.

“Wanting to capitalize on the upward economic trend in the area so that’s good news for Arden-Arcade,” said Nava.

Having never been here before, Cracker Barrel’s general manager Ronnie Loy says he’s impressed by the area and expects the restaurant and gift shop to be a success.

“I can see there’s a lot of revitalization going on in this area we’re very excited to be here. Everyone we talked to says we picked a great location,” said Loy.

Nava couldn’t say if there are any other new additions that will come to the area but says there is a lot of interest so there could be more to come.