Arden Fair Mall plans to reopen Friday with curbside pickup

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SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — Arden Fair Mall says its stores will be reopening this Friday for curbside pickup.

However, there is some confusion, as Gov. Gavin Newsom stated Tuesday malls would not be allowed to reopen at this time.

Executives at the mall told FOX40 curbside pickups are within their rights and some public health officials agree.

“Starting this Friday our hope is that we’ll be able to have our retailers be able to make deliveries here in the parking lot,” Arden Fair Mall marketing manager Nathan Spradlin said.

Customers will be able to communicate with individual stores, either through the internet or by phone, to pick out the items they want to buy. When they arrive in the parking lot, someone from the store will come out to fulfill the order.

So, customers won’t be able to just show up and browse.

“It’ll be more or less you knew what you were looking for, you ordered it online and you’re just here to pick it up,” Spradlin explained. 

Newsom previously explained malls would not be allowed to reopen just yet.

“Not in this first phase, we’re going to be working with the counties on local variances and that’s the conversation we’re having with the counties in real-time: their ability to move deeper into phase two,” Newsom said. “Those are phase two activities, the larger malls. But in this first round, the guidelines that we’ll be putting out Thursday, you are correct, that’s not part of the guidance we’re putting out statewide.”

“We were taking a lot of what he was saying and we look at it more of an interpretation as interior malls,” Spradlin said. 

Spradlin said he believes the curbside pickup model will be allowed on Friday because it does not violate any local guidelines.

“So far we have not heard anyone from the city or from the county telling us that we shouldn’t move forward with this,” Spradlin explained. “And we’re just going to make sure that we’re providing an environment that is healthy for both our tenants and for our consumers.”

The Sacramento County Director of Health Services told FOX40 as long as no one from the public enters the mall, curbside pickup at Arden Fair is in accordance with the state directive starting Friday.

Spradlin said his tenants could really use the business.

“They’re excited about this. That they want to reopen; that they want to bring back all their employees,” he said.

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