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More than 35,000 people willingly signed on to an effort by STOP to put city plans for a new Kings arena to a public vote but now, almost a month since those names were turned in to the city clerk, pro-arena groups are taking issue with what version of the petition voters signed.

“Voters are not getting the same pieces of information,” Chris Lehane, consultant with The4000, said Monday. “Some dates are all over the place. Others don’t include consistent language in the notice of intent.  That’s the reason why they’re pursuing this.”

With a letter hand-delivered to the county registrar late Friday, The4000 is claiming that there are at least five versions of the petition circulated by STOP.

The group also claims that the variances between them amount to violations of the election code because voters didn’t get the same information.

STOP leader Julian Camacho isn’t phased by the allegations.

“That we had a five-signature sheet, a 10 signature sheet..the fact that in the process of printing there might have been some misspelling in the printing of words. Those are trivial when seen within the perspective of the rights of the people,” he said.

And though the letter to the registrar asks for parts of his petition to be thrown out based on the differences, Camacho feels confident in the California court system’s long  history of backing citizen’s rights.

“There’s no way they’re going to disenfranchise the people of Sacramento because of a few words,” Camacho said.

Late Monday, the City of Sacramento emailed out the following statement in response to questions about the petition being illegal on its face :

“The City is working with the County Elections Office to process the initiative consistent with applicable law and any concerns will be addressed in the ongoing review.”