Armed Suspects Posing as Police Officers Get Inside Ceres Home

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CERES — Shortly before 1 a.m. Thursday, a residential street in Ceres was flooded with police and sheriff’s squad cars, K-9s and a helicopter.

Four men came to the door of one house and announced they were Ceres police officers.

The intended robbery victims thought something was up and did not open the door. That’s when suspects forced their way in at gunpoint before one victim was able to call 911.

The suspects scattered into the neighborhood.

“Very frightening, more for the safety of our family and all the neighbors,” said neighbor Cynthia Ruiz.

Ruiz said police knocked on her door to search for suspects.

One was caught hiding on top of a roof. Two others were also captured trying to elude police.

One homeowner, who wanted to stay anonymous, said she couldn’t see if it was officers or not after she heard knocking on her door. Luckily, it was the real cops wanting to search her backyard, which is where the fourth suspect was caught.

“I went to flip on the back torchlight and there was somebody standing right there,” the neighbor told FOX40.  “And he gave me the, ‘Shhh.’ And I closed the door a little bit, ‘There’s someone in my backyard.'”

Police kept searching the area looking for a handgun used in the robbery attempt. They eventually found one.

The also found a stolen Nissan sedan that the suspects likely used.

All the suspects were 20 years old or younger.

No one was injured. There were reports that a woman and child were taken from the targeted house.

Ruiz was shaking her head after hearing about the police impersonation attempt.

“That goes to show you that thieves will do anything to get through a home,” she said.

Another neighbor said they weren’t surprised because there was a lot of suspicious activity at the house with visitors coming and going. But police say they don’t know what the would-be robbers were after or if they knew the victims.

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