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MODESTO — Shattered glass, a melted chair and a charred entrance at the Modesto Planned Parenthood are the result of suspected arson.

A suspicious fire at an organization that has been under fire from critics for providing abortion services.

“No matter what your views are, there’s no excuse for vandalism or arson. No matter what,” said Robert Baca, who works nearby. He was taken aback by the news.

The Modesto Police Department told FOX40 the fire broke out about 3:30 a.m. on Wednesday. The building’s sprinkler system put out most of the flames, but the damage had been done.

“We have not been receiving threats, but we have been receiving more suspicious calls,” Liz Figueroa, a spokeswoman with Planned Parenthood said. “The FBI is looking into it as we speak.”

Now the FBI is involved and they said “they are aware of the situation and are in contact with Modesto authorities.”

“People that don’t believe in our mission, they’re aimed at closing down our center,” Figueroa said.

Planned Parenthood said because of the fire damage they will remain closed for the week.

Hundreds of patients in Modesto who depend on the nonprofit for not just reproductive services but also general health care will have to rely on other clinics.

“They’re helpful to a lot of people so you have to know the whole story, you know,” Baca said.

Planned Parenthood believes the weapon that was used to ignite the flames may have been thrown into the building.