As farmers markets reopen, many worry about drought’s effects

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SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — After surviving a pandemic, many farmers face a new crisis: the drought.

At the first farmers market of the season at Capitol Mall, locals were excited to sell their fresh produce, but many were worrying about dry conditions and water shortages heading into summer.

For local farmers like Magda Morgan, water is a way of life.

“Water is the way to survive in fruit and in our people,” Morgan told FOX40.

With California Water Resource officials already warning about water shortages, many farmers are worried their way of life could be threatened.

“Yeah, I am worried because if we don’t have enough water, we will lose a lot of products,” said a farmer by the name of Toledo.

But they’re not just concerned about losing crops. Farmers told FOX40 the drought is also putting a strain on their finances, with water prices on the rise.

“We are trying to grow just vegetables and fruits and it’s so dry. We are using lots of water and just the bills are too high to pay,” Toledo explained.

“Everything is going up, so when we raised our price on the food, probably you have to think about like water went like double and they probably it’s going to go higher,” Morgan added. “So as a survivor, as a farmer, we have to go up in prices a little bit too for the customer. We don’t want to, but we have to.”

Some for looking to the government for help, asking for a stimulus payment specifically for the agriculture industry.

“It’s really hard when you don’t have no money to grow and to survive. It’s really hard,” Toledo said.

Others are asking for the community’s support. They say every dollar they make at farmers markets will help keep their businesses afloat.

“The people, the customers, I hope they will come to buy because we need them,” Toledo said. “Just thank you for supporting our farmers.”

“We’re doing all we can do and bring good food so they can enjoy it,” Morgan added.

The farmers market on Capitol Mall is happening every Wednesday from 9 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. Food trucks and local restaurants will also be there every week.

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