As Heatwave Continues Fire Officials Want the Community to be Prepared and Safe

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SACRAMENTO COUNTY — To escape the heatwave, some are making waves of their own in the American River.

“We wanted to get out here before it got too, too hot. It’s definitely a place to escape, for sure,” said Shianna Penoli.

But of course, this heat also comes with some safety concerns and firefighters want to make sure you’re prepared.

The Penoli’s don’t want to run their air conditioner in triple-digit temperatures so instead, they head out to the river to swim, keeping safety in mind.

“Life jackets for sure, sunscreen for sure, water to drink,” Penoli said.

That’s advice Sacramento Metropolitan Fire District Captain, Chris Vestal, hopes you follow because whenever the temperatures rise so do emergency calls.

“Not only are we running more calls but the types of calls we run change too,” Vestal said.

From heat exhaustion, to water rescues, it’s sure to be a busy weekend.

“Protect yourself from the sun and the exposure. Wear sunscreen and hydrate with lots of water. We know people are going to enjoy alcohol, but just don’t overdo it,” Vestal said.

We are expecting more hot weather on Sunday, so you’ll want to keep these safety tips in mind.

So far, Vestal says people seem to be playing it safe, even those opting for outdoor events like the State Fair.

Jacqueline Nunez couldn’t stay away from the rides and fair food. After all, its the last weekend.

Choosing to brave the heat, she finds comfort in misters and shade around the fair.

“Actually, I have a wet napkin under my hat right now and then I just picked up a fair map to cool myself off,” Nunez said.

Captain Vestal says on top of heat calls, he’s also bracing for fire danger. Saying if you plan to fire up the grill, be careful.

“After several weeks of dry weather, we’re now having that extreme heat. The fuels now can’t get any drier. That also means that with lower humidity, any spark can cause a vegetation fire,” Vestal explained.


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