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EL DORADO COUNTY, Calif. (KTXL) — The father and son accused of starting the Caldor Fire made their first court appearance Friday in an El Dorado County courtroom. 

David and Travis Smith remain behind bars as they face multiple felonies, making their appearance in court remotely.

They both pleaded not guilty to all charges in court on Friday. 

“I understand how emotional this event was, how difficult it was for this community. My client and his son, his family, they all live in this community; they love this community,” said attorney Linda Parisi. “They are completely innocent.” 

Sacramento-based attorney Parisi is representing 66-year-old David Smith. The El Dorado County DA alleges the two men are responsible for setting fire to a structure, which injured others. 

Parisi maintains her client and his son merely saw the fire and tried to report it. 

“David Smith’s son saw a fire, called law enforcement, cooperated with law enforcement,” Parisi said. “This event happened in August. Law enforcement had contact with both of the Smiths, who continued to cooperate.”

Among the charges from the DA’s office is a count of illegally converting a firearm into a machine gun. The criminal complaint, however, does not state if the DA believes that is how the fire began. 

Meanwhile, a charity comedy show inside Harrah’s Casino on Friday helped raise money for workers in Tahoe’s tourist industry. That money will go to the Barton Health Foundation who will turn it into Safeway gift cards — a nice tip for those who need it. 

“And then when the fire and subsequent evacuation hit, people didn’t work,” Chris Kiser, executive director of Barton Health Foundation, said. 

“We are going to honor first responders, and then just people who want to have a good time and celebrate Tahoe getting back on its feet,” Kiser said. 

The comedy show is expected to raise $15,000.

The Smiths’ next court appearance will be Monday. Both of their bails remain at $1 million each. 

FOX40 did request to speak with the Smiths at the jail but was denied.