Attorneys discuss judge’s ruling to reexamine Scott Peterson conviction

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STOCKTON, Calif. (KTXL) — The California Supreme Court ruled this week that a trial judge will consider whether or not to overturn Scott Peterson’s murder conviction.

Peterson was convicted in 2004 of first-degree murder for killing his wife, Laci, and second-degree murder for the death of their unborn son, Conner. 

FOX40 spoke to Lara Yeretsian, who was Peterson’s attorney during the preliminary phase of his trial.

“The entire defense team has been waiting for this,” Yeretsian said. “I know some people thought it was a long shot but it’s the right decision.”

According to court documents, Peterson’s case is headed back to the San Mateo County Superior Court, where his murder conviction could be overturned.

Criminal defense attorney Allen Sawyer, who has not represented Peterson, says that’s a possibility.

“The likelihood of this ultimately overturning this conviction is real,” Sawyer said.

One of the issues is that a juror lied and committed, what the state’s highest court called “prejudicial misconduct” by not disclosing that she had filed a restraining order against her boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend while she was pregnant.

“A juror who will lie to get on the jury is not an impartial juror, is not a neutral, unbiased juror,” Yeretsian told FOX40.

Sawyer also questions that particular juror’s motivations.

“The fact that this juror participated in writing a book after they served on that jury, there’s a reason to be concerned,” he said.

Another issue is how high profile the case is.

“And it wasn’t positive media coverage,” Yeretsian said. “I mean, he was basically convicted in the public arena.”

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