AUBURN, Calif. (KTXL) — Following several tips, the Auburn Police Department arrested Pablo Carols Blancas, 25, of Auburn for child pornography on May 26, according to police.

The Auburn Police Department collected the tips from the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children who indicated that someone in the Auburn area was sending and receiving child pornography, according to police.

Upon receiving a search warrant of the suspected residence, 40 items of child pornography were seized by police with assistance from Placer County Probation.

Blancas is facing charges for possession of child pornography and was booked into the Placer County Jail, according to police.

An enhanced bail of $450,000 was obtained by detectives in hopes of keeping Blancas in custody, according to police.

“The protection of children in our community is of paramount importance and we ask that anyone who may have knowledge of sexual/physical abuse of a child or is aware of any child exploitation, report it immediately to your local law enforcement agency,” the Auburn Police Department said in a news release.