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After being discovered in a ravine in the Bay Area this weekend, a colt, who rescuers named Valentine, is now recovering at UC Davis veterinary hospital.

Originally things didn’t look good for the 6-day-old colt.

“The vet was astonished that after two days he was still living. Usually after a couple of hours in those kind of cold wet conditions they die,” said Sarah Cattaneo, with Fremont Animal Services.

Fremont firefighters discovered Valentine on Sunday, soaked and shivering in a creek at the bottom of a steep ravine and in extreme pain.

“When I first walked up to him, he was screaming at me,” Cattaneo said.

Using a winch and a tarp, firefighters got Valentine out of the ravine, but soon realized he had a broken hip. So the colt came to Davis.

At first vets thought he’d need surgery, which could cost as much as$16,000. But after some CT scans Tuesday, veterinary doctors discovered good news.

“The fracture just stopped there and just involves the corner of the bone,” said Dr. Mathieu Spriet, an associate professor and veterinary doctor at UC Davis.

3D CAT scan images showed doctors only Valentine’s non-weight-baring upper pelvis was fractured.

Spriet said had the break been just a few centimeters off, Valentine could have lost his ability to use his leg.

“Valentine does not need surgery, and he’ll probably be fine, he’s going to need some time for the bone to heal,” Spriet told FOX40.

He believes Valentine will be able to have a normal life.

“He might even be able to get ridden for some trail rides or something like that. He might not become a world champion top athlete, but he’ll be able to move around,” he said.