Baby Justice’s Dad Speaks Out from Behind Bars

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Just hours after being booked into Yolo County jail, Frank Rees spoke exclusively to FOX40 about the drug charges he faces.

Rees is the father of Justice, a 20-day-old baby found dead near Ridge Cut Slough on Feb. 25.

The boy’s mother, Samantha Green, has been charged with involuntary manslaughter. Rees is not facing charges related to the son’s death but is behind bars for drug possession. Rees was just released just two days before this most recent arrest for traffic violations, according to Yolo County Sheriff’s Deputies.

Rees seemed distraught and very frustrated and said repeatedly in an interview with FOX40 that all he wants is a chance to grieve in peace.

Rees has only had days to process his 20-day-old son’s death and he said time hasn’t been kind. FOX40 wasn’t allowed to bring our cameras inside but Rees explained why sheriff’s deputies found methamphetamine and drug paraphernalia at his home on  West El Dorado Drive in Woodland just hours before.

“Anything that they found was old,” he said. “They had to dig for it.”

He said they may have found a broken drug pipe in his garage and said of his new charges that authorities are, “trying to charge me with a felony but technically I’m not a convicted felon.”

Deputies said they’re charging Rees with possession of ammunition, which is forbidden because of his record. They also explained that Friday’s search warrant is connected to their ongoing investigation into Baby Justice’s death.

We also spoke briefly about Justice. Rees had no comment about how the boy died but said, “nobody should have to see their baby like that.”

He also spoke of the heartbreak he had to relive as he explained to his 5-year-old daughter why Justice wasn’t coming home. He said he told his daughter, “He really was an angel and he had to go back to work.”

Rees believes authorities were trying to find something to charge him with but he added, “I do appreciate them (deputies) for working hard.”

Rees’ bail had been set at $45,000. We also asked him about Samantha Green, Baby Justice’s mother, he only said that he loves her.

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