Bad Samaritan: Police Say Man Helped Victim of Car Crash before Stealing Her Wallet

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DAVIS — Police in Davis say a man stole a woman’s wallet after helping her at the scene of a car crash.

Just before Christmas the 70-year-old woman apparently lost control of her vehicle and crashed hard into the guard wall at the top of the Mace Boulevard over-crossing of Interstate 80.

Police say the crash got the attention 33-year-old Christopher Scheuerman, who apparently stopped to help out.

“In the process of rendering some kind of assistance, they managed to take her wallet,” Davis Police Lieutenant Paul Doroshov said.

Later, the woman began noticing credit card charges that she didn’t make at Target and a nearby gas station.

“This is a victim of traffic collision so obviously they are upset and traumatized,” Doroshov said. “On top of that, this is someone who is elderly and wanted to give her trust in people helping her and they ended up ripping her off.”

Detectives eventually served a search warrant at Scheurerman’s Marden Street apartment, not far from the crash scene and the Target.

Scheurerman was arrested and booked into jail on charges of robbery, identity theft and elder abuse.

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