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DIXON, Calif. (KTXL) — A Dixon business owner is using her bakery as a focus point for helping those in need.

What looks like a makeshift mini-mart is located inside Dixon’s Solano Baking Company, a family-owned business celebrating 30 years in operation.

At the end of March, owner Kendra Benz noted that an impromptu food giveaway table at a neighbor’s home was taken away by thieves. Benz quickly figured out that leaving food out unattended outdoors was not the best option.

She felt that the concept was good if a better location could be found.

Her bakery fit the bill since Solano Baking Company has had to scale down to only serving take-out orders.

“At a time like this when it’s very stressful, there’s so much going on, nobody knows what to do. Helping makes everyone feel better and also finding something you really needed, so it works both ways,” Benz told FOX40.

The idea has caught on, with more dry goods, fruit and items, like toilet tissue, coming in and going out.

“It was little, now the tables keep growing,” said Benz.

Benz also uses some of the donations to fill Meals on Wheels bags for seniors.

Benz said the bakery will likely weather the emergency and she did not think twice about helping the community it’s a part of.

“We’re lucky that we’re able to keep going. Of course we’re going to give back. It feels good to give and also to receive,” said Benz.

Benz hopes that the need for the sharing pantry will diminish sooner than later when things get back to normal.