Batches of questionable EDD mail arrive at Fairfield man’s home

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FAIRFIELD, Calif. (KTXL) – A Fairfield man is looking for answers after mail from the California Employment Development Department keeps arriving at his home.

Tim Myers said that he began receiving mail from the EDD last August.

“They just started coming,” Myers said. “Every day they were coming. And I thought, ‘This is odd.’”

The 72-year-old Vietnam veteran, who served in both the Navy and Air Force, was also a former mailman, said he knew something was up long before reports of EDD fraud came to light in late November last year.

The mail had another man’s name on the front of the envelope but had Myer’s address. He and his wife have lived in their Fairfield home for the past 47 years.

And aside from what he received, a couple of his neighbors on the block, also told FOX40 they received several pieces of mail from EDD around the same time.

Myers handed over about a dozen of the envelopes to his postal carrier who said they’d return them to sender and Myers thought that’d be the end of it.

“But then they started coming again,” Myers said. “After the story broke, they said they were going to fix it.”

He told FOX40 that the latest batch of mail started coming in on Sunday.

“This is Chula Vista, Chula Vista, Chula Vista, West Sac, Rancho Cordova and this came from Sac,” Myers said sorting through the EDD mail.

FOX40 contacted Sacramento District Attorney Anne Marie Schubert, who is the chair of the task force which cracked one of the biggest cases of EDD fraud involving taxpayer dollars in California history.

She had investigators look into Tim’s address and saw that from all the letters he received from EDD, no funds were paid to that address because the identification on the envelope was never verified.

FOX40 also contacted the EDD office. They said:

Some of the mail received at the Fairfield address are disqualification notices based on the fact we were unable to verify the identity of the individual applying for benefits. EDD is working closely with law enforcement and prosecutors… In recent weeks alone, investigators have announced dozens of significant arrests.

Loree Levy, Deputy Director Public Affairs Branch, EDD

In 2020, Schubert said that from March to August, prison inmates across the state filed at least 35,000 fraudulent claims for unemployment benefits.

The EDD had already paid out 20,000 of those claims, costing more than $140 million in benefits.

“My thing is, is that you have a system that’s not checking itself. Why?” Myers asked. “It’s just like some of our other systems that don’t check themself. Our infrastructure in this country is falling apart because these people aren’t checking.”

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