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Pharmaceutical giant Bayer opened a $12 million greenhouse facility Wednesday in West Sacramento.

“We are excited to have our grand opening  for our new green houses,” site leader Mike Mille said. “This is a critical part of our development work we do to bring new crop protection products to the growers. This is a big step for us to have these resources in West Sacramento.”

The facility’s goal is to create plants that can produce more fruit and vegetables, and research safer alternatives to pesticides.

The building also allows engineers to change the climate to mimic the environment where the plants would grow.

“We don’t have to tell researchers ‘no’ anymore. We can grow as much as they want,” greenhouse manager Bethany Gale said. “They put in a plant request and, depending on the turnaround of the crop, it’s like six to 25 days and we are able to give them what they asked for.”

Bayer officials say having a plant in West Sacramento makes it easy to get feedback from farmers.